Do You Love Women?

It’s easy to understand why some men don’t seem to like women that much if you think about it from their perspective.

Men WANT women. They want love, respect, affection, sex and the status of having a gorgeous girlfriend.  Some men get these things. Other men don’t.

Imagine being one of the men who doesn’t get anywhere with women. You look at them. You want them, but they don’t want you. Why? Because they don’t think you’re attractive enough, have enough status, are entertaining enough or are just plain old, aren’t good enough. You’re the one who has to put your ego on the line to ask them out and until you’ve done it enough times, it’s not easy. It requires screwing up your courage and then, if you’re rejected, it can feel like getting hit with a ton of bricks.

Of course, even when you finally have success, it’s often far from smooth. Cheating girlfriends, bad sexual experiences – oh, and having your heart broken? It can be one of the worst experiences of your life. As miserable as that is, it can be even worse if that broken heart comes after you get married and you end up in divorce court. Then you find out the whole system is rigged against you because you’re a man. The judge will bend over backward to give your wife your kids, way too much of the money you’ve earned and the house you paid for by working like a slave. At that moment, you’ll find out that everything you sacrificed for your family isn’t appreciated by her, the court system or anyone else.