Do These 3 Simple Things to Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever

Do you want 2020 to be not just better than 2019, but the best year of your life? Well, that’s doable. All you have to do is three basic things that most people today aren’t doing. Of course, there is a lot you could add to this list, but sometimes short and sweet is better and yes, just doing these three things will produce big results for anyone that’s not already doing them.

1) Counterprogram Against the World: The world is full of negativity, bad influences, and corporations trying to influence you. For example, you’re probably going to see 253 ads just from McDonald’s alone. Do you want to drift along like a log on a river, feeling, thinking and buying what other people are telling you to do or do you want to PROGRAM YOURSELF to achieve your goals? We live in an age when the best motivational speakers of our era are free on YouTube and you can listen to inspirational podcasts for free. The negativity comes every day. The ads come every day. Why shouldn’t you be listening to things that help, motivate and inspire you every day?

2) Chart it: One of my all-time favorite quotations is:

“What gets measured, gets managed.” — Peter Drucker

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If you want to get better at ANYTHING that’s important to you, track it on a chart. Personally I use Excel to track 35 different categories each day. That’s probably too many if you’re getting started with this, but the important thing is getting started. Want to exercise more? Track how often you exercise. Want to get better at showing your wife you care? Track how many times you say, “I love you” to her. Want to improve your blood pressure? Track it every day and try different things to see if it improves. Chart what’s important to you and keep trying to improve your numbers and you will be shocked at how much progress you see over time.

3) Make the main thing the main thing: One of the biggest flaws we all have as human beings is our tendency to lie to ourselves. Our memory gets a little foggy and we look more at intentions than results and we end up telling ourselves that we’re killing it when we’re actually just treading water. I don’t know what matters the most to you in life, but I do know that if you want to make big progress, you need to treat it like the high priority that it is. Do you want to be a great writer? Then you better be writing every day. Have you decided that you need to be a better dad? Then, if you have a choice between staying late at work to impress your boss and being at your son’s ballgame, which are you going to do? Whatever the most important thing is in your life, treat it like that day in and day out instead of lying to yourself about how hard you’re trying when you’re giving it a half-hearted effort.

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John Hawkins
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