Do Not Date Feminist Women — And Watch Out for Anti-Feminist Women

If you’re one of those men who have sworn allegiance to something called MGTOW — Men Going Their Own Way — some of this may not apply to you, since many (not all) MGTOW have sworn off all permanent relationshps with women for life. If that’s you, this article will not apply to you. But as a veteran who’s watched the history of “MGTOW” as a movement/philosophy over a decade, I can tell you something I’ve observed about even the most hard-core men who declare “I will have nothing to do with women anymore”: they almost always wind up admitting they would like to be with a nice girl, and almost always wind up in some sort of long-term relationship with a woman or some women. Even some of the most famous MGTOW have wound up going the way of cohabiting with women. Many even argue that “MGTOW” is more expansive than swearing off women, but we won’t go there: suffice it to say, if you’re truly one of those rare individuals who is going to be a committed and happy bachelor for the rest of your life, not much here applies to you.

So now, having dispensed with the “I’m done with women forever” crowd, we face the undeniable natural reality: while some men are natural Bachelors, most are not. And most men actually do want to be with a woman. Odds are, if you’re still reading, that’s you. So what now?

Well generally, let’s start with something that isn’t said often enough: no, women do not control sex, and furthermore, most men want far more than sex in a relationship. As you read this, you are probably nodding your head and silently acknowledging that it’s true: while there are a few men who seem to be just fine spending their lives chasing tail and watching an endless stream of porn and camgirls (and maybe even getting snipped so they can cavort with prostitutes and bar sluts), the fact is that most men would like to be with a nice girl who likes them and is trustworthy and dependent and supportive.

This desire to have a nice girl who’s committed loyal nurturing and supportive: that’s the real dark secret of male sexuality and male sex fantasies. Because it describes most men, and even “Conservatives” too often give in to the ridiculous temptation to say that men are all walking erections looking for a female to copulate with. It’s not true. Most men have turned down sexual opportunities, and most men, when you really back them into a corner after they’ve bragged about all the “p***y” they want to get, admit it: they really just want that nice girl who appreciates them.