Disturbing: Police Chairwoman Defends Hiding Evidence That Could Clear Men Accused of Rape

This woman does not belong anywhere near a position of authority in law enforcement,

Victims of sexual assault may be less likely to come forward if personal information from their phones is shared as evidence in court, over fears they may be blamed for their attack in the ‘digital equivalent of a short skirt’.

Sara Thornton, chairwoman of the National Police Chiefs’ Council, said evidence disclosure is important, but insists that officers must balance that against the risk of discouraging victims.

…Last year, police forces were hit by several cases where errors in evidence disclosure led to the collapse of sexual assault trials.

…Ms Thornton told The Times: ‘We don’t want this to make victims feel that they can’t report offences because they fear the intrusion into their private life and their private information because they fear that that will either be shared by the defence inappropriately or be dealt with in court.

‘That’s where we came to the equivalent of the digital short skirt — this idea that we must be reassuring victims that information which is nothing to do with the case would never be used to discredit them in the way that the idea of a woman’s dress in some way [is used to suggest] she’s responsible.’

More than 900 criminal cases were dropped in 2017 due to a failure by police or prosecutors to disclose evidence.

The series of failures led former Lord Chief Justice, Igor Judge, to warn that juries may start to think they have not been shown all the evidence…

In 2018, dozens of prosecutions for rape or serious sexual offences were thwarted because of issues with the disclosure of material.

I’m sure women who’re lying about sexual assault are much less likely to come forward if they know there are texts blowing their whole case to hell. That’s not a bad thing. Despite what the SJW police chairwoman seems to believe, her job is not to put as many men in jail for rape as possible regardless of the facts, it’s to get to the truth of the matter.

It’s not okay to withhold evidence that will keep an innocent man out of jail because if he gets off, it might discourage victimized women from coming forward. You may say, “Well, that’s not really what she means,” but if so, why have literally HUNDREDS of cases been dropped because the police refused to reveal evidence that could have cleared the men involved?

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