Daughter to Father: I Am Never Talking to You Again Because You Support Trump!

This is a fascinating story because it has layers. It starts with this admission that went up on Twitter,

That’s such a shallow, cruel, thoughtless response that it’s jarring, right? Here’s a child cutting off her own father because he doesn’t agree with her politically.

Unsurprisingly, she’s got some serious issues as you can see from something else that she decided to post on Twitter,

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This is a small account on Twitter and as this story has gained steam, she has decided to protect her tweets. I don’t blame her. But yesterday, when I was researching this, her account was open and I looked up her “master.

His tweets are now also protected, but his tagline gives you an idea of what he’s like, “  .owner of .. white submissives trained to be service animals in the 503/ 360 area code. bitch bring me my money!”

Yesterday, when I looked at his feed, it was full of black on white porn and gross comments, so draw your own conclusions.

Which would be worse as a father? Having your child not want to talk to you anymore or wondering how you went so wrong raising your child that she’s willingly degrading herself by being a submissive to a grotesque human being?

It’s actually kind of sad and I say that as someone who has known a couple of women like this. The first one I met WAY BACK in the day through an online game & talked to her because I was fascinated to learn what all of this was about. At one point, I wrote an article about it and had to talk to her master. No joke, he OFFERED HER to me for cybersex or for sex in person. I said “no” and for the record, it weirded me the Hell out.

The second woman I met like this was dating a friend of mine. We all went to dinner together and I found her to be absolutely charming — and by the way, gorgeous. She later dumped my friend because he didn’t want to be her “master” and say, make her eat food out of a dog food bowl for forgetting to bring his laundry home.

In any case, once you take it beyond something you tinker with in the bedroom and make submissiveness or dominance into a lifestyle, this is unhealthy. Know what else is unhealthy? Breaking the bond between a parent and a child over politics. I will fully admit that there are times that kids should walk away from their parents, but over something as petty as political differences?  It’s heartbreaking.

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