Crybaby: This Picture of Coal Miners Reminds Him of Black Face, So it Must Come Down

Remember when you used to roll your eyes at the stereotypical bored kid in the backseat on TV whining, “Are we there yet?”

Well, those whiny, bratty little kids are now a big chunk of America that has somehow gotten the idea that it’s cool to be a complainer, a whiner and a crybaby.

Take Rashaad Thomas, a man who could not possibly have been this much of a little b*tch when he was in the Air Force.

Rashaad Thomas tells us that he’s an upset victim who deserves an apology because he went into a restaurant in Phoenix and they had up a picture of coal miners. This is one of those modern cases of “victimization” where you have to be told what the problem is because not being a b*tchy little crybaby, you wouldn’t be able to guess.