Couple Kills Man’s Parents So She Can ‘Have Him to Herself’

Credit for photo to video at the Independent
Credit for photo to video at the Independent

This seems so strange and sick all the way around.

A man and his wife have been found guilty of murdering his parents so she could “have him to herself”.

Nuremberg-Fuerth regional court heard how the man bludgeoned his 66-year-old mother to death with a hammer as she lay in bed in December 2017. She was reportedly against the pair’s relationship.

The 26-year-old, named by German media as Ingo P, then killed his 70-year-old father, German news agency dpa reported.

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Prosecutors argued that while the man’s 23-year-old wife was not present for the killings, she was jointly responsible because she had urged him to kill his parents “to have him to herself”.

…Then they reported the parents missing and publicly asked for donations for a search operation. They later got married.

Secretly murdering your parents and then asking for donations because they’re dead seems so 2019 somehow.

Of course, this raises so many questions.

First of all, how did this come up in conversation? Was it just like, “Pass the bread…oh and you should kill your parents with a hammer and hide them behind a wall in the house.” What was the real motivation for her to push for the murder? Did she want to get married and they were just in the way? Were they both evil? Was he just a hapless dope that she twisted around her finger? Did he have any second thoughts about whether his mother was right since she didn’t approve of the relationship and his wife wanted him to murder her? I mean, asking you to murder your parents would seem like a pretty big red flag, right? We may never get the answers, but let me conclude by noting that if a woman ever suggests that you murder your parents, she’s probably not the right girl for you.

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