CEO: Men in the Workplace Need To Be Focused on Serving Women

If you want to know what’s wrong with modern feminism, a column at Fortune called, “Girls Who Code CEO: Men Need to Be Brave in the Service of Women” is a great place to start.

Like many feminist writers, the author Reshma Saujani attempts to take advantage of men’s natural urge to help and protect women, while treating them like suckers for making the effort.

Since she’s the CEO of Girls Who Code, it’s worth noting that this is doubly so when we’re talking about STEM-related courses, which is one of the few noteworthy fields women don’t dominate in our feminine centered education system. Do fewer women than men pursue STEM careers because the hours are too long and the work is too hard to do for people that aren’t highly motivated by the opportunity to get a better mate by making a high salary? Is it because of biological differences? Are women just less inclined towards it than men? You certainly won’t see those issues discussed in Saujani’s piece, which essentially just asks men to lift women up on their shoulders in the working world and carry them over the “goal line” to success. Here’s a good place to start with Saujani’s essay,

As a society we encourage, expect, and reward bravery and failure with our boys in a way that we don’t with our girls. We raise them to tinker, to break things apart, to take risks. By the time our boys grow up, that bravery mindset has them applying for premature promotions, asking for outsized raises, launching startups with abandon. That bravery propels them to the C-suite, to public office, to power (earned or not).