Celebrity Alicia Keys ‘Frustrated’ Her Son Didn’t Want To Wear A Rainbow Manicure

Men who embrace their masculine energy are far superior to men who try to equally embrace their masculine & feminine energy. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of a single non-masculine man I admire, respect or care about in any way — and that’s pretty typical. Yes, there are feminine men, mostly gay, who have a certain cult following, but that has more to do with their fame than their personality traits. Take Jeffree Star, for example. He made it big doing make-up, music and he broke through on YouTube. But, if you took that bit of good fortune away, he’d be the weird guy everyone avoided.

That’s life.

So, it’s always a bit puzzling to see Alicia Keys and so many other people on the Left trying to feminize their male children.

Singer Alicia Keys expressed frustration this week over the fact her four-year-old son, Genesis, did not want to wear his rainbow manicure anymore.