Don’t Ever Rely on Gratitude With a Woman

This is actually from 2017 and it’s making the rounds again because it illustrates an important principle.

Throughout your life, you will consistently find that human beings feel no emotion more fleetingly than gratitude. This is one of the reasons we love dogs so much. They’re loyal. Meanwhile, human beings are all about, “what have you done for me lately.” This is generally (but of course, not always) the case for both men and women, although it’s generally a bigger issue when dealing with women (more on that later).

On a personal note — and I don’t want to embarrass them, so no names — but, back in my Right Wing News days I once leveraged my then huge audience to get someone medical care that LITERALLY saved their life and within a couple of months, that person stopped talking to me because they didn’t like a Facebook comment I made to someone else. I could tell you several stories like this about how I did someone a huge favor while asking nothing in return, only to have them either not give a sh*t at best or at worst, one person even later betrayed me because they thought that benefitted them. I don’t get bitter about that because a lack of gratitude is the rule with people, not the exception and getting upset over human nature is a waste of time.