Can You Turn a Ho Into a Housewife?

That was the title of this video, where they had a 3-person panel discussing the subject:

This is an age-old question and although I thought they defined a ho too narrowly (strippers, prostitutes, people that released sex tapes) and spent too much time talking about whether they’d want to turn a ho into a housewife (it’s about whether you can, not whether you should), there were a few worthwhile points made.

But, let’s define a “ho” just as a very promiscuous woman and try to decide whether you can turn her into a housewife.

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To begin with, a woman who isn’t a professional ho is promiscuous for a reason. She enjoys being with different men and it’s not necessarily just the sex either. It’s that self-esteem boost she gets out of knowing she can be with a guy. It’s the excitement of the whole thing and guess what? Marriage has its rewards, but it’s just not as exciting as meeting some new guy at the club, having a few drinks, heading back to his apartment for dirty sex. So, that has to be an area of concern.

Plus essentially, it’s an addiction like any other addiction. Can you turn an alcoholic or drug addict into a housewife? Yes, but you go into it knowing there’s always a chance of a relapse. At least those kinds of relapses don’t end with the woman having sex with your son’s football coach while you’re away on a business trip.

The good news on that front is that a woman in that position is probably less likely to stray once she’s gotten significantly older and knows she isn’t going to be able to drown in men anymore. Unfortunately, that option stays open longer now since online dating exists, and being a “cougar” gets treated like some kind of empowering lifestyle choice by a lot of people instead of a ho being a ho.

If you’re talking about a professional ho, like a prostitute, stripper, or camgirl, the first thing to keep in mind is that there aren’t a lot of moral or psychologically healthy people that do those things in the first place. Now layer in the impression those women probably have of men in general based on the sort of men they see in their jobs. If you were a camgirl and around simps all day, how would you expect men to behave? If you were a prostitute/stripper who had regular clients that were married, how cynical would you be about the whole institution?

All that being said, I do know some hos who turned into housewives… and come to think of it, it didn’t work out all that well for most of them. Some of them it did though and my guess is that’s because they had fully experienced what that lifestyle had to offer and had decided that they wanted to put it behind them and do something else.

So, can you turn a ho into a housewife? Yes, but it’s an even riskier proposition than normal in a time when marriage is already risky for men.

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