Can You Hit a Woman in Self-Defense?

There’s not a lot of disagreement about the fact that men that beat women are the scum of the earth. However, when the situation is reversed, there are two ways of thinking that typically come into play when men think about hitting women that are attacking them.

A) Men don’t hit women for any reason: This is how most people were raised and it’s ingrained in their psyche. All they need to know is that a man and a woman had a physical altercation and they already know who the bad guy is with no further information needed.

B) In the age of equality, if a woman attacks me, why shouldn’t I be able to hit her back? In an era where women are regularly told that they can do anything a man can do, only better, it’s becoming more common to see women that actually believe they can physically beat up a man. This is despite the fact that it’s like a sheep picking a fight with a wolf. If a woman tries that with you, why can’t you give her a soul slap?