Boys Are Falling Behind At School Because Feminists Oppose Helping Them, Says Ex-Ucas Chief

In our society, we are constantly bombarded with the lie that women are behind in every area and treated unfairly in every area. This is impossible to believe unless you’re ignorant or make a point of ignoring the advantages women have and disadvantages that men face. For example, in our education system, undeniably, unquestionably, it’s men that need a lot more help, not women and yet, feminists are hell-bent on keeping young men behind in school:

Britain’s education system is failing to tackle the “astonishing” underperformance of boys as feminists have made the topic “taboo”, the former head of the university admissions service has warned.

Mary Curnock Cook, who was chief executive of Ucas until last year, said the fact that boys are falling behind in education is a national scandal – yet it is such an “unfashionable” topic to discuss that it has become “normalised”.

Girls outperform boys in all aspects of education, from primary school to GCSEs and A-level results. Last year, 57 per cent of women went to university compared to 43 per cent of men, a gap that has widened significantly over the last decade.