#Bethisguy: He Lost Both Arms & Legs at Two — Now He Has Four Kids & a Job

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If you live in America, you live in the most powerful, prosperous country in the world in the easiest time to be alive since human beings have walked the earth. Granted, there are still difficulties and problems to overcome, but if life is too difficult for you now, it’s hard to imagine another point in history when it would have been easier or better for you. You think you have it hard? This guy had it a lot harder.

A father-of-four without arms and legs has proved that everything is possible, despite losing all his limbs to meningitis – inflammation of brain and spinal cord membranes – at the age of two.

Joseph Reed, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, takes care of his kids, helps his wife with household duties and has a full-time job, all despite having no limbs.

…The 34 year old said that although growing up without his arms and legs was hard, he can now live ‘no problem’ without his limbs, and that he doesn’t care what people say about him anymore.

He told Barcroft TV: ‘It was hard growing up with no limbs, everybody used to treat me differently back then, plus I grew up in a foster system.

‘Now I can live without limbs with no problem and I don’t care what people say anymore. I have to live for myself and be comfortable in my own skin.’

Joseph works as a sales rep in the electronics department at a local Walmart store.

He said: ‘I am probably the first cashier they have ever had with no hands and no legs.’

And when asked if his disability has affected his love life, Joseph said: ‘I have three beautiful kids with my wife. I have my youngest son outside my marriage.

‘So no, I would say that my condition didn’t affect my love life at all.’

Sometimes, all of us need a little motivation and a reason not to feel sorry for ourselves. Everybody has his own private struggles. When you see a guy like this who grew up in foster care without arms and legs and has come as far as he has, you know your own excuses are a lot of bullsh*t.

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