BEAUTIFUL: Comedian DESTROYS Heckler Offended By His Hellen Keller Joke & Makes Her Cry

Like almost every American that isn’t a diehard liberal, I am so sick of the “That’s not funny,” “cancel culture,” “You can’t say that,” “I’m offended” brigade. It’s like their day is not complete until they can find a reason to be upset. It really doesn’t even matter to them whether they’re upset on their own or someone else’s behalf, the important thing is to virtue signal by taking offense.

This is a perfect example of it. To begin with, if you are this easily offended, why would you go to a comedy show? Also, as you are about to see, the joke that drove her out of her mind was about a long-dead, famous historical figure.

So, she DESERVED THIS. Richly.

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Stand-up comedian Tony Hinchcliffe recently shared a video in which he shut down a woman who interrupted his show because she was offended by a joke he made about Helen Keller and abortion.

…“Helen Keller – perfect abortion,” he said during a bit advocating for mandatory abortions in Alabama.

Some audience members groaned in response to the shock humor.

“It’s too soon for the Helen Keller jokes in here, really? Is it? It’s the f—ing PC world bulls–t that we live in,” Hinchcliffe quipped in reply.

One woman in particular felt Hinchcliffe had crossed the line by going after “special needs” children.

“Teach kids with special needs, like I do,” she said, interrupting Hinchcliffe’s performance.

“You know she’s dead, right?” Hinchcliffe said in reference to Keller, an iconic blind and deaf political activist and author.

“Do you know that if she was alive and in this showroom here tonight she would have no idea what I just said about her?” he added, to roars of laughter from the audience. “And yet, you’re offended.”

Hinchcliffe advised the outraged woman to just “go now” because she wouldn’t be able to “survive” the rest of his show, which he warned was going to get even more off-color.

“You cannot handle it,” he declared.

“How dare you?” the woman protested, as Hinchcliffe ordered security to let her speak.

The unnamed heckler then got up to leave the show, prompting Hinchcliffe to take some parting shots.

“Remember, I kicked you out. This wasn’t your choice,” he said.

“I took care of kids with special needs for 14 years,” the woman said.

“Well, why don’t you do it anymore? You got sick of those dumb bastards?” Hinchcliffe fired back.

“How dare you laugh?” the woman said in an apparent attempt to shame the crowd, which continued to erupt in laughter.

“How dare all of them enjoy themselves out at a comedy show?” Hinchcliffe replied.

After the woman left the show, Hinchcliffe continued making observations about the psychology of people who are easily offended by jokes.

“You ever notice that the people that have to make a scene, the people that get offended the most, are the ones that have an opportunity to brag about some good sh-t that they’ve done in their lives?” he said.

The footage posted by Hinchcliffe appeared to capture the upset woman outside the venue after the exchange.

“How is it okay for him to make fun of disabled people?” she said. “It’s not okay, and everyone laughed.”

The woman appeared to be crying as she made the remarks to a friend.

You see in the woke world, the very fact that she was offended means she was right! Moreover, the fact that she was offended on someone else’s behalf means she was VIRTUOUS! Everyone was supposed to agree with HER and that awful, mean man was supposed to be forced to APOLOGIZE and LEARN HIS LESSON.

Meanwhile, in the real world, where normies detest humorless SJWs, people thought her complaints were ridiculous and they enjoyed LAUGHING AT HER. Not only did they think he was funny, the fact that he mocked her and made her cry made the show BETTER FOR THEM. When people online start to copy the normals in that comedy club, the world will be a better place.

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