AWESOME! Law Professor Falsely Accused of Rape Wins $1.2 Million Defamation Judgment Against Accuser

#Believeallwomen right? Oh, wait. Since Tara Reade came along and put feminists in a tough spot by accusing Joe Biden, #believeallwomen is supposed to be some kind of right-wing plot despite the fact that feminists were the ones that made it popular. Now it’s #believewomen, as if that’s really any different. Even if we use the hashtag #believewomen, this woman we’re supposed to believe lied through her teeth, got caught, and is being hit with the sort of punishment all women that lie about rape should face (after the jail sentences they deserve):

A University of Minnesota law professor who was falsely accused of rape in 2017 won a $1.2 million defamation lawsuit filed against his accuser.

…According to court records, Parisi and Wright met in 2014 and began an intimate relationship. Later that year, the two agreed to purchase a condo together, but the relationship soon fell apart completely and the prospective property became the subject of several protracted lawsuits.

Two weeks after the Minnesota Court of Appeals sided with Parisi in the property dispute in the summer of 2016, Wright filed a police report claiming that Parisi raped her in January of the prior year.