#Believeallwomen: Aussie wants his Moroccan wife deported after she’s caught beating herself on camera (Video)

Tell me that she doesn’t deserve a jail term before she has been deported for doing this,

“A heartbroken Sydneysider has called for his wife to be kicked out of Australia after her cruel attempt to frame him landed him thousands of dollars in debt.

Eight months into their happy marriage, Faisal began to doubt the motivations of his Moroccan wife Asmae and started to realise she mightn’t be there for love.

Faisal, who had met his wife on a Muslim dating site, turned to a lawyer and emailed a visa migration professional.

The email was discovered by his wife Asmae and fearing the divorce could get her kicked out of Australia, she concocted a cruel plan.

…The lift cameras caught Asmae repeatedly punching her own face before she flees the building and calls the police.

Hours later, Faisal was arrested by police and charged with assault.

More than $20,000 in lawyers fees later and after trawling through hundreds of hours of CCTV, Faisal finally had the evidence he needed to free himself of his wife.

“I didn’t think she would go to that extent and go to the police after everything I did for her and forget everything and just ruin my life,” he told A Current Affair.

Asmae has now fled Sydney and is living somewhere in Australia. Faisal is calling on the government to send his estranged wife back to Morocco.”

This guy spent more than $20,000, faced jail time and was branded as a wife beater. Just deporting her would allow her to get off easy. She deserves to go to prison BEFORE she’s deported. In a perfect world, she’d go for as long of a sentence as he would have had to face if he hadn’t cleared his name.

Keep in mind that he was incredibly lucky, too, because wife-beating allegations are the closest thing to a “guilty until proven innocent” situation that most men are going to ever face. Wife beating is inexcusable, but you have to think this sort of faked abuse happens much more than most people would expect. Yet, how many guys in his situation are going to be lucky enough to come across public footage of the woman falsely accusing him beating herself up?

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