Are You A Creator?

In our modern capitalistic society, it is almost impossible to get by without constantly using creations made by other people. In fact, you’re reading this on a browser, tablet or cell phone made by someone using the Internet created by someone else, probably in a house, apartment or car made by someone else — all of which is fine.

But while you are consuming all those creations of other men, it’s worth asking, “What have I created?”

Are you the guy watching TV or the guy on the TV?
Are you playing the video game or did you create the video game?
Are you the guy living in the house or the guy who built the house?
Are you working in someone else’s business or did you create a business others are working in?
Are you going to the party or throwing the party?
Are you listening to other people’s music or are you making the music?

What are you creating? What are you bringing into the world? What’s going to be left when you’re gone?