Alyssa Milano’s Hypocrisy: She Says She Doesn’t #Believeallwomen When Joe Biden is Accused

When liberals were calling Brett Kavanaugh a rapist based on the testimony of a woman who couldn’t tell them where it happened, what year it happened, whose own witnesses refuted her or even prove she ever met Kavanagh, none of them cared about due process, including Alyssa Milano.

Now that Joe Biden has been accused of rape by a former staffer, everything has changed. Suddenly, all that #believeallwomen bullsh*t is right out the window.

The backstory here is that actress Alyssa Milano is the person credited with helping to popularize the pre-existing #MeToo hashtag when she retweeted it back in 2017. Since then she has become a vocal presence on Twitter often tweeting about the need to believe women. She was particularly active in supporting Dr. Christine Blasey Ford during the Kavanaugh confirmation. She was a guest of Sen. Feinstein at those hearings in September 2018 and left no doubt who she believed.

…More recently, a woman named Tara Reade claimed that Biden pushed her against a wall and put his hand down her skirt. Since those allegations were made, Alyssa Milano has remained quiet. She is supporting Biden in the 2020 election. Some Bernie Bros began pressing Milano to explain her silence to the point that she was a trending topic on Twitter over the weekend. Now Milano is explaining that while she thinks we should believe women she also wants to make sure men get due process.