After They Broke Up, When She Couldn’t Get Him Back, She Accused Him of Rape

But, wait? I thought we had to #believeallwomen because this kind of thing never happens? Well, except during the Kavanaugh trial. And with Mattress Girl. And with the Rolling Stone rape hoax. And with Tawana Brawley. And it goes on and on.

The story was reported by Quillette, and features the saga of “Jared” and “Kate,” two pseudonyms used to protect their identities (the accused, to protect his name; the accuser, in the hopes she can receive treatment for her mental illness and be rehabilitated).

Jared and Kate had a turbulent relationship for three years and every time he tried to break up with her she would threaten to commit suicide or hurt herself in other ways. When Jared finally did break up with Kate, she proceeded to send him emails about her feelings after the breakup.

…Jared didn’t respond to her torrent of messages. After awhile of getting no responses, Kate went to the police and accused Jared of abuse.

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Police investigated Kate’s claims and closed the case. As Quillette reported, “Jared’s lawyers were able to debunk the assault accusations using information that Kate herself had provided in a lengthy video message and emails.”

But even though the case was closed, the accusation itself was enough to damage Jared’s career as an up-and-coming musician. Venues cancelled his band’s gigs after people complained online about hosting a “rapist.” The band stood by Jared and were attacked themselves. They faced accusations of sexism and misogyny, according to Quillette.

…“The police reportedly became annoyed, after officers realized that they were being used as part of a character-assassination campaign,” Quillette reported.

…Jared learned that Kate wanted a plea deal. He wanted her to apologize on every social media platform she defamed him on and admit to her lies. He received an apology from her addressed only to him. Jared also compiled a list of financial damages due to Kate’s actions, but the amount was “deemed too large for a restitution order,” Quillette reported.

Sadly, this story is fairly typical in that the man faces the risk of jail time, damage to his reputation and being permanently branded as a rapist while the woman who makes the false charges gets a few slaps on the wrist with a wet noodle instead of the long stay in jail that she deserves. When women start getting the punishment they deserve for this kind of crime, you may start to see less of these crimes.

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