After Falsely Accusing 12 Men of Rape, She Was Allowed to Just Go Home

A couple of weeks ago, Brass Pills put out an article called, “She Was Humiliated That Her Orgy With Teen Boys Was Caught on Tape, So She Accused Them of Rape.” There has been a major development in that story:

The woman – who has not been named by media outlets even though she was convicted of a crime (accuser privilege) – was arrested and the men were released. The woman told authorities she agreed to have sex with one of the men but was embarrassed when others filmed the encounter. That’s why she made up the false accusations.

…But because we live in a “believe all women” world, the convicted woman won’t face punishment despite the court’s finding. A Cyprus judge gave the woman a four-month suspended jail sentence, meaning she won’t be going to jail and is free to return to the U.K. …Judge Michalis Papathanasiou told the convicted woman that she “deserves a second chance,” according to The Times Of London. The men she falsely accused certainly wouldn’t have received such accommodation.

“I admit that I have been troubled over this — all the evidence shows she had lied and prevented the police from doing other serious jobs. Twelve people were arrested and at least seven were not free for ten days,” Papathanasiou said. “This is also a serious offence but the fact that she has missed her academic studies and her youthfulness, in prison for a month, away from her home and family have led to be deciding for the sentence to be suspended.”

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The consequences of being falsely accused of rape can be enormous. Jobs can be lost, relationships can end and the stress can drive a sane man to therapy — and of course, it’s considerably worse if you get convicted. In this case, some of these guys spent 10 days in JAIL for something that they didn’t do and you know when they’re on their death beds one day, being falsely accused of rape is going to be on their list of worst memories. Making that kind of false accusation is a serious crime with major consequences.

Yet, she’s getting a free pass for it because she’s young and female. Despite the fact that she lied, they’re still refusing to even release her name. Inevitably, these kinds of rulings incentivize false rape accusations, which are much more frequent than most people realize. When women can lie about being raped, put men through hell and get a free pass for it, the message is that making a false accusation is no big deal. That needs to change.

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John Hawkins
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