Advice Columnist: He Caught His Girl Having Sex With Two of His Friends & Should Forgive Them All

I think there are very, very few people that have the experience, have done the deep digs into the research, and have spent enough time counseling couples to deserve the title, “relationship expert.” I am certainly not one of those people. Although relationships get discussed a lot on this page, I never feel like I’m doing anything more than handing out common-sense advice that anyone with half a brain should generally agree with. Unfortunately, common-sense advice doesn’t seem all that common these days because there’s so much really, really bad advice about relationships on the Internet. Therapy is not a cure for everything. The man is not always the bad guy. It’s okay for men to have standards as well as women. This is not rocket science, but it can seem like it sometimes because people allow their ideological “should’s” to override what the world is really like. Take, for example, the advice this guy got after his girlfriend had sex with two of his friends

I CAUGHT my girlfriend having sex with two of my best mates.

I’ve not seen any of them since and I’m dreading the end of lockdown as I’ll have to face them.

I work with these guys on a production line.

We used to have a good laugh together but it’s boring work and earlier this year I started to feel as if I had no real future. I’m 23.