Absolute Relationship Rule #1: Don’t Talk About Your Notch Count to Your Partner

There are bad ideas and then there’s this:

basically, been seeing this dude for about a week now and he’s rad as hell and i like him a ton. i was kind of an e-slut before i met him and i used to get off with strangers and stuff a lot, and also just in general kinda flirt/talked with people a fair bit.

since we’re going exclusive, i’m more or less systematically beginning to purge all of the people i’ve been flirting with/sexting/etc and drawing boundaries and stuff because the whole “i have a boyfriend” thing.

some of the experiences are kinda entertaining – like this one dude who offered to fly me to new york to pretend to be his gf despite having an actual gf, and this milf who is most certainly drunk texting me tonight and becoming subject to my very casual sidesteps of her advances.