A Woman Should Not Be Able To Have an Abortion Without the Father’s OK

I find this case out of Florida to be extremely interesting in that “What if the roles were reversed?” kind of way. Essentially, the woman got pregnant and the man, a Lee County Sheriff in this case, very adamantly insisted on an abortion.

She is refusing to have an abortion, publicly making a big deal about it, doesn’t want the court to give him any access to the child and she wants him to pay support.

The fact that she’s made this so public is reprehensible and her attempt to get the court to deny the father access to the child at this early date seems a little bizarre.  Of course, I don’t know either of these people, but given how this is playing out, you have to think he broke the old “Don’t stick your d*ck in crazy” rule.

We can’t take for granted that this is all 100% accurate since we don’t have the man’s side of it, but let’s assume it’s true and put the shoe on the other foot.