A Wife Complains That Her Husband Replaced Her…With a Sex Doll

I have to admit that this tale of marital woe caught my attention because this is one of “modern problems require modern solutions” type problems.

I’ve been married to my husband for 7 years now. I’m a 29F and he’s a 32M. For a few months to a year now, I’ve been saying no to sex a lot. I’ve just not been in the mood but his libido has been at the same sky high levels that they’ve been since we were college kids.
Some days when I’m in bed tired he starts touching me, trying to get me primed for sex. Most times I’m not in the mood, but some times I cave in to his begging. I felt as his wife it was my duty. But I never enjoyed any of those sex sessions.
So I made my feelings known to him. At first he seemed really down but he said he respected my decision. He stopped asking me for sex after that. Even when he asked, after I said no he would just roll over and go to bed.
After a month or two, he suddenly came in with a sex doll. It was a really expensive one, with huge tits and a round ass with very human like skin. When I confronted him about it he said he had sexual needs and since I couldn’t satisfy them he had to find a way to satisfy himself without cheating.
When he said that I felt like I couldn’t say anything. It made me feel really insecure, and I suddenly feel really awful. I can’t tell him to get rid of it because it’ll make me look really selfish. I also can’t complain about how expensive t was because we’re pretty well off.
I noticed one night that I was in the mood but he told me he was tired. He had had a few rounds with the sex doll before I got home and was pooped out. I don’t know what to do at this point, but I knew I feel awful.
My first thought after reading this was, “She’s 29 and has already lost interest in sex. What a grim, joyless slog that marriage will be from here on out.” I don’t know why their marriage is like that, but the situation she’s putting him in is devastating. The guy is 32 years old, married and not only does his wife not want sex, but she’s also telling him that on the rare occasions they did have sex, she just did it because it was her wifely duty and she didn’t enjoy it.
Because Reddit is often a deep well of bad advice, it was a little surprising that most of the people commenting seemed to be saying something akin to, “You made your bed, now lie in it.” That’s a nice change from the norm and appropriate since the man has basically been friend-zoned by his own wife. This comment also seemed to resonate given his situation,


His wife may not be looking at it this way, but as a practical matter, she has worked extremely hard for months on end to create a negative association in his mind between her and sex. She selfishly chose to make it into a joyless, humiliating experience for him and at this point, he may PREFER having sex with the doll to having sex with her. After all, the sex doll doesn’t say “no” night after night. The sex doll doesn’t have sex with him and then go, “I don’t enjoy that, but I did it out of duty.” Plus, as an extra added bonus, it’s not cheating. It’s certainly not the ideal and quite frankly, I think at some point if this guy does feel like he has the option of moving on to a human girl who wants him the way his wife used to do, he probably will. It’s a sad situation that is probably unlikely to have a happy ending…

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