A List of Red Flags in Dating Profiles

I’ve been meaning to do a big article on relationship red flags, but I haven’t found a cheap, effective way to let people rank them. After all, if people can’t vote on what’s worse, alcoholism, listing your gender pronouns on your Twitter profile or telling people you’re a feminist, what fun is that? In the interim, here’s a list of the best dating profile red flags from a thread from r/dating_advice on Reddit. Enjoy!

— Any use of the word “drama” in any context…ie “I hate drama” or “ no drama here” or “ if you have drama move along”

— “Swipe left if you like/don’t like x” always come off as they define their entire personality by this one thing. Bonus points if it’s politics.

— “Anything you wanna know, just ask” – shows a complete lack of effort.