A Feminine Guy Wants To Know How He Can Get More Women Without Being Masculine

This post seemed a little unusual in that most feminine guys falsely believe it will benefit them with women because that’s what they’ve been told. Open up, show your feelings, get rid of that “toxic” masculinity, and women will love it. Of course, that’s not true. This guy at least knows better than that:

What does a man have to do to get a reasonable proportion of women to not impose gender roles and expectations in a relationship?

Now, anyone who has known me, know that I loathe both traditional and modern male gender roles. I mean, I really hate them. I hate leading, I hate acting dominant, I hate financially supporting a dependant unless its my kid, and Id rather not do it myself. And I dont want to be an island, Im not a stoic at heart and Id rather be honest about my feelings to my partner but I also dont expect them to be my mother. I also aim to work part time and help with childcare if I had kid with a woman. Id like to have time with myself to devote for hobbies and fitness, so being a cog in a machine primary breadwinner isnt going to sit well with me. I would like to work as much as a potential partner.

In most of my relationships, Ive done them all, I played the Man, and despite being good at it, I hated nearly every moment of it. It stressed me out, and made me unhappy. And when I did what came natural to me, I was mostly shamed for it. Im sure there are a large minority of men who dislike role playing narrow male gender role, and are willing to embrace some female roles, to liberate themselves from the grind of being a primary male breadwinner and dominant, with all its burdens and expectations. but probably to a lesser extent than myself. Ill admit, Im probably at the extreme. Btw, Im not effiminate but I am fiercely egalitarian, and I think Im masculine in my own unique way.