83 Year Old Woman Works Her Way Through Fifty Men, 50 Years Younger Than Her on Tinder

I always find it interesting when older women think it shows they still got it because a younger man will sleep with them. As this 83-year-old woman shows, if sex is on the menu, some guy is showing up to eat…

As for how successful she’s been on Tinder, Hattie says she’s met around 50 men aged between 19 (she thought he was older and wouldn’t have rocked his world had she’d known) to 33 and there are plenty of other men lining up on her matched list on Tinder. Damn, age is truly just a number.

Of course, the desert would have to be awful dry on Tinder for most men if they’re willing to settle for a woman 50 YEARS OLDER. Yes, as I said, men are not particularly discriminating, but there are SOME STANDARDS. This is why terms like “beer goggles” and “mopeds” exist — and there is no situation imaginable where bedding a woman 50 years older than you, even for a night, is something to be proud of.

PS: I also wonder how much of a factor pornography plays in this. The longer men use it, almost inevitably, the further out their sexual tastes get. So, maybe some of these guys have already been searching for 80-year-old grannies anyway, so this seems more normal to them than it should be.

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