6 Disgusting Secrets of Fast Food Restaurants

Over the years I have run into some traumatic moments when it comes from fast food. In High School, I remember bringing home pizza from the local pizza place and I was eating my slice and suddenly realized I had eaten half a caterpillar. Their excuse? We use only the freshest ingredients so that is bound to happen. I have had my share of having a rock in my McDonalds St. Patrick’s Day shake and my son finding a strange bone in the McDonalds breakfast burrito. My son is a magnet for awful unidentified objects in his food there— but with the billions of pounds and gallon of food being sold a year, some of that is bound to happen.

This list isn’t about some occasional freak accidents with your food. This is a list of consistent things that happen during the process that may leave your food tainted or disgusting. Check out the list below and let me know if I left something off?

#6 Wendy’s Chili

When I was a teenager, I used to work at Wendy’s. I worked register but my brothers worked the grill. When we closed-up shop at night, all the leftover burgers on the grill were put in a metal bin and put in the refrigerator. That is the meat used in the chili… old leftover hamburgers. Morning shift were to take out the dry old burger patties, chop them up with a spatula and add them to the chili with the provided spice packets. If you can get over that and the story of the lady who slipped her relatives finger in Wendy’s chili for a lawsuit settlement… Wendy’s chili is pretty darn tasty!