5 Things You Shouldn’t Tell Your New Girlfriend

New relationships can be tricky and as a dude, you’ve got to feel out your new girlfriend’s boundaries. Everyone knows women are emotional creatures and if you don’t know what will upset or irritate us, it’s pretty easy to step into a pit of emotional quicksand from which it is difficult or impossible to escape.

I’m here to help you out by giving you a list of things you should go out of your way to avoid at the beginning of your relationship. You can thank me later.

1. Don’t Say ANYTHING About Your Ex-Girlfriends

In the early stages of a relationship, it can be easy to compare your new girlfriend to your old one. That’s perfectly fine as long as nothing comes out of your mouth. While we all know it subconsciously, women don’t like being told that they’re being compared to the girls who came before them. Unless we ask, we don’t want to hear anything about them. Heck, even if we do ask, we want only vague details. Exes are a minefield in your new relationship and the only way to avoid an explosion is to steer clear of it completely.