5 Things Guys Do That Creep Women Out

weird creepy guy

Men and women are completely different creatures, and that is never more apparent than when we attempt to interact with each other.

Dudes, if you find yourself engaging in one of the following behaviors, you are going to want to knock it off immediately. There is no excuse for it.

  1. Sending Pictures Of Their Penises To Women

I don’t know who came up with this method of communication, but they deserve to be publically tarred and feathered. I mean, where in the world has this actually worked?

A hard fact of life is that penises aren’t attractive. They simply aren’t some of God’s best work. In fact, unless we are extremely attracted to the man in question, women will never actually ask to see your nethers. Knowing all of this, stop sending us pictures of you without pants! Best-case scenario is we laugh at you and block you immediately. Worst-case? You are named and shamed on social media where your parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and grandparents might see it.

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There is no upside to sending pictures of your junk to a random woman on the internet, so don’t do it.

  1. Commenting Inappropriate Things On Our Pictures

You might think you are complimenting us when you randomly pop up and call us “sexy” or “yummy” on our new profile pictures, but I assure you that no woman actually thinks that it’s anything less than creepy. It makes us extremely uncomfortable, especially when it’s just a selfie that contains little more than our face. If you find yourself doing this, stop it immediately.

3. Repeatedly Messaging A Woman And Then Getting Mad When We Don’t Answer

Just… don’t be like this guy, okay? (Screengrabs courtesy of Bex Delgado.)

4. Making Unnecessary Sexual References

Nothing will make a girl more uncomfortable than having a guy she barely knows making everything a sexual innuendo. You might think you’re being cutesy or funny, but just know that the girl you’re with is trying to find a way to get as far away from you as quickly as possible.

Discussing sex and the sexual functions of the human body is something reserved for people with close relationships and trips to the gynecologist. Plus, what girl wants to hear “that’s what she said” every few seconds while she’s trying to tell a guy a story? Just stop.

5. Professing Your Love WAYYYY Too Soon

There’s no time table on developing feelings for someone, but telling a girl that you love her and can’t stop thinking about her when you’ve only been on two dates? Totally weird! Even if she liked you and found herself wanting to go out with you more, coming on so strong is a great way to get shut down. Even if you feel that way, play it cool. Odds are what you’re feeling is a chemical reaction that may not even be “love” at all, but a different kind of attraction. Give your relationship some time to flourish, and don’t be THAT guy.


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