5 Reasons Losers Are Jealous of the People on Top Instead of Learning From Them

Obviously, you should want to learn from successful people, shouldn’t you? Except in practice, being jealous of them seems to be closer to the rule than the exception. Why is this? Well, there are reasons for it. People say things to themselves like…

1) I don’t like the things the world values: We get annoyed that some Instagram model, hedge fund trader, cam girl or vapid singer is raking in the big bucks. Why should they be getting all that money? It’s not fair! Of course, life isn’t fair and you can either learn from what the world values and from who it rewards or stomp your little feet about it.

2) They shouldn’t get that much: Sure Microsoft and Amazon have been successful companies, but there’s no reason Bill Gates should be worth $106 billion and Jeff Bezos should be worth $114 billion, is there? You can be upset that they made that much or ask yourself why they made they made that much. The answer, on the meta scale, is that they produced a product people all over the world are willing to pay to use in large numbers. Can you do that? If you can, you are going to be very rich.

3) They just got lucky: Successful people just got LUCKY. Most of them inherited it. Really?