5 Quick Tips For Men Living in Areas Where There’s a Riot Going On

As you know, there are riots going on cities all over the country. Here are some basic tips for men who may be near those riots.

1) You need a gun: Police all over the country have done almost nothing while mobs of animals have looted stores, burned businesses, and attacked people. If you need protection somewhere like Minneapolis right now and are looking for the cops to do it, you are in for a rude awakening. That’s why you need to be armed and why you need some training on how to use your weapon. If you don’t have a gun, get one after this is over and learn to use it.

2) Stay away from the riots if you can: Riots are exciting and it can be tempting to go see what’s happening. That’s a dangerous proposition for a lot of reasons. When I was covering an out-of-control Occupy protest for Right Wing News a few years back, I was upfront taking pictures and the police thought I was one of the protesters they were clashing with. I had a cop point a gun at me (yes, I took a picture with my hands over my head).