20 Things Women With Small Boobs Never Have To Worry About

When I was younger, I remember wishing that my boobs would grow because it sucks having an A-cup chest. Now that I’m older and my breasts have grown, I realize that there are some advantages to having smaller boobs.

  1. Harder To Find Cute Bras

When you have larger boobs, your choice for bra color are white, nude, and black. You don’t find the adorable designs that you see on A, B, and C-cup bras, just sad, solid colors. Maybe big boobied beauties want some butterflies and polka dots on our bras, did you ever think of that, clothing companies?

  1. Shirts Don’t Fit Right

When your chest is smaller, you don’t have to worry about your boobs distorting shirt designs beyond recognition, or making shirts lift up on the front and totally exposing your tummy. Larger chests also make shirts fit tighter when they’d otherwise be perfectly comfortable. Count your blessings.

  1. Jogging Without Giving Yourself A Black Eye

It doesn’t matter how many sports bras you wear with bigger boobs, working out still turns your chest into Jiggle City. Jumping jacks? Forget it. Jogging? That’s an exercise in trying to keep your boobs from popping out of your bra. It’s not a fun time.

  1. Leaning Over Things Without Your Chest Touching Them