20 Fast Food Fails You Have to See

I’m sure we all understand that fast food restaurants can be​​ fast paced​​ especially during the lunch and dinner rush hours. I can respect anyone willing to stand on their feet for hours at a time working in an assembly line situation​​ while dealing with difficult customers who make odd requests. However, I also know​​ that fast food restaurants use​​ technology to make the job​​ easy on the employees.​​ Pictures on cash registers have replaced words. Large screens describe the orders to those making the food so that the process works seamlessly. These things should make fast food workers’ jobs some of the easiest on the planet.​​ Yet somehow they are baffled by simple concepts like getting the food inside the bun or taco shell. How is that even possible you ask? I don’t know, but it is.​​ So here’s a list of fails that will make you want to just cook at home. Seriously.


1. Is the bottom bun something extra you need to request?

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2. So close yet so far.

3. You want extra mayonnaise? I’ll give you extra mayonnaise alright!

4. This poor tostada looks like it didn’t survive a car wreck.

5. So the concept of cutting a sandwich in half is just too much to ask?

6. Just cut a chicken patty in half….no one will ever notice.

7. What did this order request look like? 1 Taco with no filling please.

8. Hey the cheese made it into the box. What more do you want?

9. Pancake with a serial number? In case it has ‘mad pancake disease’?

10. Requesting extra mayonnaise seems to be a “hold my beer” challenge.

11. Apparently “add cheese” isn’t descriptive enough these days.

12. Note to self: When ordering make sure to add an ‘s’ to pepperoni.​​ 

13.​​ So we have to request the meat now too?

14. Yep,​​ apparently,​​ we do.