20 Crucial Pieces of Advice for Men

1) Unconditional love: If you want unconditional love, appreciate your parents and siblings or get a dog. Everyone else in your life loves you conditionally based on what you bring to the table. As Chris Rock said, “A man is loved under the condition that he provide something.”

2) Learn to be a badass: There is never going to be a time in your life when you will want to be a trembling weakling who can’t shoot a gun, fight or defend yourself and your family. As an extra added bonus, if you learn to really handle yourself, other men will want to be you and women… well, they are going to want to do things to you that you’ve only seen in movies.

3) Experiences beat stuff and cash beats experiences: When you don’t have anything, “stuff” seems like it will make you happy. But, in three months, you’re going to be used to that new car or new couch and the shine is going to wear off. That’s why experiences beat stuff. When you’re on your death bed, 50 years after that couch went to the dump, you may still think back to that beautiful day on the beach that you fell in love or alternately, had sex with those triplets. Of course, the feeling of security that comes from having enough money in the bank to pay your bills even if you lose your job beats either one. So, get that done first.

4) Lift weights: There is also never going to be a time in your life when you wish that you had less muscle mass. It helps you burn calories, stay healthy and look better in a t-shirt. Plus, when you get old, maintaining that muscle mass will keep you active and moving around when other people your age are getting frail and looking for a rocking chair. From puberty until you die, keep pushing weights.