15 Signs You Are a Beta Male


Nobody likes to think of himself as a beta male, but practically by definition, most men fall into that category. How about you? Are you a beta male? Well, how much of this describes you? If it’s a handful of things, then well, nobody is perfect. If you’re seeing a pattern and every one of these could apply to you, then it’s time to start making some changes in your life.

1) You think the fact that you’re “kind,” “a good person” or “a nice guy” should be major selling points with people in general or women in particular.

2) You have trouble telling people “no” even when it’s the right thing to do.

3) You would not be a guy that a friend would want with him if he got into a fight.

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4) You haven’t been in charge of a group of people (managing at a business, running a party, creating a business with employees) as an adult.

5) You’ve never fired a gun.

6) You try to pass off tough decisions (and maybe even easy decisions) to other people — your wife, your girlfriend, your parents, your boss.

7) Your existence is centered around TV, video games, anime, browsing the net, watching sports or other activities that largely consist of passively consuming what other people create.

8) You regularly watch porn.

9) You can’t bench press your body weight.

10) You blame other people, society or “isms” for your failures in life instead of taking responsibility for yourself.

11) You’re not confident in your ability to deal with other people in person.

12) You avoid confrontations even when it’s the right thing to do.

13) You compliment women on their looks online – women that you don’t date, you’re not friends with and that you don’t even know.

14) No one you know in real life would ever describe you as cocky, intimidating, bold, dangerous or thrill-seeking.

15) You put your needs behind those of everyone around you and then get upset that your sacrifices don’t seem to be appreciated.

Bonus (These are in the bonus section because even though they are strong indications of betaness, they don’t apply to most men)

16) You’re a straight man and you dislike women.

17) You have non-ironically told people which pronoun to call you.

18) You think of yourself as a male feminist, as a social justice warrior; you trash men as a gender or would wear a “The future is feminine” t-shirt.

19) You’re an online troll.

20) You have a female “friend” that you want to turn into a girlfriend one day despite the fact that she hasn’t shown any sexual interest in you.


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