15 Great Moments in Redneck Engineering

Redneck ingenuity is… unique. The best part is that most of the time these less-than-professional riggings actually work!

Here are a few of the greatest moments.

1.​​ Sometimes you just need to mow the entire yard in one motion

2. When you’re sick of the police harassing you about your broken headlights

3. That… doesn’t look safe

4. I have concerns

5. This is why men aren’t allowed in the kitchen

6. Hedge trimmers are for​​ losers

7. Redneck ingenuity simply shouldn’t be applied to some things

8. Hay bale pool? It’s only stupid if it doesn’t work!

9. Maybe that’s more of an in the waistband thing…

10. You can use that pool all year ‘round!