15 Historical Photos That Are Guaranteed To Creep You Out

#15 They were all smiles, then mom just disappeared. Dumb kids.

#14 She said that her prom date was simply scrumptious, I didn’t see him though. What’s that delicious smell?

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#13 Don’t worry, mister. You’ll be safe here. We want to give you peace.

#12 M-I-C … K-E-Y, Y? Why the hell did you make gas masks look even creepier?

#11 I’ve always wanted to meet a real live mutant.

#10 This man is serious about getting a-head at work.

#9 Where wax people go when Madame Tussauds burns down. I bet those heads down there are mighty worried.

#8 Look Mom, I’m really, really, really, really, really bendy!

#7 I wonder if that little girl knows she shouldn’t stare at the Grim Reaper… gonna getcha!

#6 Is it really a good idea to leave the baby with a zombie?

#5 I see two moms and two boys and three candles and what the…?

#4 WOW! She’s going to need some serious braces when she reaches her teens, hopefully, that will help.

#3 They say in some places, rats will eat you while you’re sleeping. When you wake up, I guess you just deal.

#2 This is real history and it scares the crap out of me!

#1 They look like they would make very nice foster parents… er, um yeah.


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