12 Hilariously Inappropriate Ad Slogans

I’m going to guess that these weren’t created by advertising professionals.


1. I don’t think I’d want to visit this dentist but then again I’m not Cartman’s mom….

Do you approve of the way Biden is handling the war in Ukraine?

2. I guess that’s one​​ way to take your Gynecology practice on the road….

3. Makes you wonder who you’ll see chasing this truck down the street….

4. But how can you play video games after you’ve gone blind?

5. What​​ exactly​​ are they “cleaning”?

6. So these are the right gloves for​​ any​​ job?

7. This is​​ not​​ how you turn your bad pick-up line into an advertising slogan….

8. That’s what he said….

9. There’s healthy​​ self-esteem and then there’s this….

10. When you hire Jeffery Dahmer to do your advertising?

11. Oh no she didn’t….

12. I’m going to guess they go through a lot of bleach….