10 Vintage Ads That Wouldn’t Be Allowed Today

Ad campaigns have always been designed around pushing the envelope to incite emotion that will drive the consumer to act (preferably to buy the product being advertised). In the past ads got a bit out of hand. With a mix of ignorance and misinformation and just being out of time, the following 10 ads would never be released today.

#10 The following ad is a straight-up misleading ad. 7-up in any of its forms is not wholesome and healthy to give to a baby. But advertisers push the envelope and misled the consumer that an 11-month-old baby would thrive on a sugary flavored drink. Today this ad would not stand for its pure dishonesty.

#9 Okay, so maybe people didn’t know back then what we know now. The visual image of putting a baby in cellophane twists my stomach a bit. It’s strange to see such bizarre elements together that don’t belong, but maybe that was the purpose of this ad. This ad would not fly today because child advocate groups would do everything they could to hurt the company that paints pictures of babies in plastic bags.