10 Terrible Life Pro Tips for People Who Hate Life Hacks

Some people find life hacks extremely helpful, while others view them as a nuisance that needlessly complicate the day-to-day regimen of the average person. Whatever you think of them, the fact remains that there is a “hack” for just about everything.​​ 

So what happens when people who hate life hacks decide to help out? Well, you get something like this.​​ 


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1. “Rice/Phone Hack” Reimagined

This one is sure to have tech-heads in fits but let’s be honest, it’s a pretty funny spin on the “stick your phone in rice if you drop it in water” idea.


2. “Orange Holder” Hack

For every miscellaneous item, a use. Though I think he used “fancy” pretty generously, in this case.


3. “Coffee Contacts” Hack

Please don’t.


4.​​ “Ketchup Bookmark” Hack

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of thousands of librarians fainting.


5. “Ice Cream” Hack

I don’t see how this could end badly at all.


6. “Blush” Hack

Also a really good way to increase your personal space on the subway.


7. “Bee Sting” Hack

While this might work for certain things, I’m not entirely confident in the logic of this.


8. “Shoe Lace” Hack

If your daily plan includes probably being stopped by the cops several times, this is the hack for you.


9. “Pasta Water” Hack

There are a few people I could see doing this. That’s not a compliment.