10 Memes That Show Men See The World in a Totally Different Way Than Women

Yeah, we know everybody is an individual and you can’t just stereotype the sexes. And yet there exists a plethora of memes expressing gendered differences, and many of them are spot on.


Here are fifteen little windows into the male​​ mind that probably apply to at least 75 percent of all guys, okay? We know they don’t all apply to you, Sebastian. You are a unique and precious flower. But this probably applies to Mike, Bob, and Jason.


1. Women kinda know this, but we try not to think about it.

2. And this is why we downward dog at home.

3. I mean, basically.

The Differences Between Men & Women In 15 Hilarious Memes

4. Truth!

5. It’s like y’all never had the big Crayola box.