10 Life Changing Items I Bought For Under $500

I am a gadget guy, I love to give gifts to friends of mine and I’m willing to try new things. So, I have ended up trying out a lot of different things. Sometimes they work out, sometimes they go in the closet and sometimes they end up in the trash. Here are some of my best purchases (for the record, I make nothing off of any of these products, so you are getting my real opinion):

1) Blackout shades ($191.02): Blackout shades DRAMATICALLY improve the quality of your sleep because they make the room darker. After staying in a 5-star hotel in New York, I was really impressed with their MOTORIZED blackout shades you could raise or lower by remote control. So, that’s what I have personally, but cheaper ones work just as well and they are very much worth the money.

2) Bed Jet ($399.00): I sleep much better when I’m cool and the Bed Jet helps with that by blowing cool air over me while I’m sleeping. I would highly recommend it.

3) Bulletin board ($48.67): It’s extremely important to me to have my goals front and center all the time. So, I have a dream board in my office with pictures of my goals, dreams, and things I want on it. This helps keep me focused in the right place.