10 Life Changing Items I Bought For Under $500

I am a gadget guy, I love to give gifts to friends of mine and I’m willing to try new things. So, I have ended up trying out a lot of different things. Sometimes they work out, sometimes they go in the closet and sometimes they end up in the trash. Here are some of my best purchases (for the record, I make nothing off of any of these products, so you are getting my real opinion):

1) Blackout shades ($191.02): Blackout shades DRAMATICALLY improve the quality of your sleep because they make the room darker. After staying in a 5-star hotel in New York, I was really impressed with their MOTORIZED blackout shades you could raise or lower by remote control. So, that’s what I have personally, but cheaper ones work just as well and they are very much worth the money.

2) Bed Jet ($399.00): I sleep much better when I’m cool and the Bed Jet helps with that by blowing cool air over me while I’m sleeping. I would highly recommend it.

3) Bulletin board ($48.67): It’s extremely important to me to have my goals front and center all the time. So, I have a dream board in my office with pictures of my goals, dreams, and things I want on it. This helps keep me focused in the right place.

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4) Fitbit ($199.95): Being able to count my daily steps, calories burned, and look at sleep quality every day has been extremely helpful for me. I chart all of this information and look for patterns and places to improve over time, but it wouldn’t be possible without a way to collect the data.

5) Glock 19 ($399.99): I spent a week doing handgun training at Front Sight and became very comfortable with a Glock 19.  Every man should own a handgun for self-defense and although you can certainly debate which one is best, the Glock 19 is a good choice.

6) Kindle Fire ($79.99): I’ve read more than 2,000 books in my life and was initially reluctant to try out a Kindle. Not anymore. The books are cheaper, it makes it easier to save highlights and when I go on trips, it makes it simple to carry multiple books with me.

7) Neutral shoes (N/A): The shoes I personally wear aren’t important. What is important is that I went to a running store and had them scan my feet to find out exactly the type of shoe I needed to wear. One of my feet is busted up pretty good and getting the right kind of shoes (figure $100 for some kind of heavily padded running shoe) was extremely important to keep it from becoming a problem long-term.

8) OSKA Pulse ($399): I have tried a lot of different health-related gadgets, but nothing has ever come close to the Oska Pulse. It uses PEMF and is FANTASTIC for fixing acute injuries and makes a significant difference in longer-term stuff over time. If you are beating your body up and can afford it, I would highly recommend this, especially since places that offer sessions with PEMF machines typically charge $45 per pop. This is cutting edge stuff and in my experience, it works surprisingly well.

9) Sony headphones ($47.95): These are my favorite headphones because they fit my needs perfectly. They’re comfortable, they hook over the ear so they won’t fall off while you are exercising, and although they’re not going to give you top-of-the-line sound quality and noise-canceling, I feel like it’s important to still be able to hear something outside of the headphones. If a car or person is coming up behind me, I want to still be able to hear them. Getting zoned out is a good way to get hurt.

10) Wellness FX ($497): Every 12-18 months, I get my blood tested. I have been doing that for over a decade and as you get older, it becomes extremely useful. After all, if you were tested tomorrow and something was off in your blood, how you were doing in that same category 5 or even 10 years ago would suddenly become very relevant. I have that information. These tests also allow me to test different ways to fix weak areas. For example, my vitamin D3 was low and even taking 10,000 IU per day didn’t move the needle very much. Then, I tried taking a combination of vitamin A, D & K and my numbers started going up. This is pricey enough that not everyone can do it, but if you can afford it, it’s worth it.

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